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Possibly the best known of the new artists is young Australian singer-songwriter Clare Bowen, who’s already well on her way to becoming a major star in the US with a starring role in the hit TV series Nashville.

“He’s just embellished it really beautifully,” says Tina. The writing of it came from a place of angst and his interpretation has taken that angst away.

I was very moved by it.” Another key track from the recent Reset album is stripped back on “Reimagine” by Tina’s original co-writer on the song, the brilliant young Alex Hope.

“We go back over 40 years and it just made total sense to me that she would be a part of this project,” says Tina. And I think she’s done a stunning job of “Sorrento Moon”, which was always a much-loved song in the Minogue household.” Other fellow legendary Australian artists starring on the “Reimagine” disc include Jimmy Barnes with a pounding version of “When You’re Ready” (borrowed from Tina’s most recent studio album, 2015’s “11”); Katie Noonan with an innovative a capella-based reconstruction of “Burn” (“She’s an ethereal goddess,” says Tina); as well as friend and recent collaborator Kate Miller-Heidke with a most haunting reading of “Heaven Help My Heart”. “I believe I have a responsibility to help showcase those new people, like other people believed in me when I was up-and-coming,” Tina explains.

Dannii Minogue, of course, also started her career on Young Talent Time. “I believe they deserve a platform.” You might not have heard of a few of these artists yet, but once you’ve experienced how each tackles Tina’s songs here, with such emotion and distinctiveness, you can rest assured the future of Australian music is in safe hands.

The album cover had a picture of Tiny Tina holding Little John’s hand and cuddling a teddy bear.

Needless to say, generations of Australians have grown up with Tina Arena and her music ever since then.

Instead, she’s invited a most eclectic collective of peers and some of her favourite newcomers to reinterpret a selection of highlights from her career.

“The whole premise of this record for me was about the other artists,” explains Tina.

The song was released before David was born and as a native French speaker, his take on the track is unique. A moment of absolute grace on the record.” What a stylish, creative and emotion-filled way to celebrate Tina Arena’s 40 anniversary as a recording artist.

“It’s retro, it’s fun, it’s really laid back,” Tina says of David’s swinging ’60s version of the song. “The thing that stuck me was the emotional maturity in their storytelling in that vocal. While the star herself has always been forward-focused with her music and career, undoubtedly producing some of her finest original new music in this current decade, the 40-year milestone – alongside other recent awards and accolades such as 2015’s induction into the ARIA Hall Of Fame and 2016’s Order of Australia medal – has forced Tina to pause and reflect.

“For me it’s all about the quality of the songwriting – it’s got to make you feel something and this collection makes me feel something.