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She and her mother starred in a short-lived reality TV show called ).

"I wanted them to shut the cameras down." Things got even more complicated when they received a copy of Ashley Judd's memoir, which revealed that she was molested when she was still in second grade.

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Judd's tearaway daughter ditched the drug recovery program she had been required to attend in November 2017, and authorities were forced to issue a warrant for her arrest.

"The defendant was terminated from the recovery court program on November 21, 2017," a court clerk revealed to A Williamson County spokesperson was able to confirm that Kelley's most recent probation was officially revoked on February 8, 2018.

Country music star Wynonna Judd rose to prominence in the 1980s as one half of mother-daughter act, The Judds.

She and her mom Naomi had a string of number one hits in the late '80s and were considered to be among the biggest country stars in the world at the time, though things started to go downhill for Wynonna after The Judds disbanded in 1991.

I didn't want to be hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." While she refused to go into too much detail about the incident, Judd did reveal that the child in question was known to her and the family. "He's sober, and that's what matters to me now," she said.

"That's what's so scary, is that it is someone that you know," she said. There's a bond." The former country star revealed that the victim was in the process of healing, but she also said that the process was none of her business. "[I] haven't forgotten, but I have forgiven, enough that I humanly can. I just wish to be one of those people that doesn't spend my life being defined by that." The fact that Judd's ex-husband attempted to sexually assault a child must have cut her pretty deep considering that she went through a similar ordeal when she was a child herself.

"She was sentenced to serve eight years," the rep said.

"The meth manufacture, delivery, sale and possession with intent charges run concurrent with charges at Maury County." If she served her full term then Kelley would be 30 years old when she got out (her official release date is August 10, 2025), but court records indicate that she will be eligible for parole on February 4, 2019.

Could Kelley and her friend have simply been buying the pseudo-ephedrine (sold in small doses for the treatment of blocked sinuses) for medicinal use?

The arresting officers were able to rule this out after they put both of their names into a national database and discovered that they had made "a pattern of psuedo-ephedrine purchases consistent with cooking meth," the reported.

Wilcutt had the drug on his person when he was searched, and police used store security cameras to confirm that Kelley had purchased it for him, but in the end Judd's daughter got off lightly — she pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of possession.