Women behind bars dating site

Also, a prostitute found guilty of murder after her client dies of a heroin overdose after they shot up together.A mother of three pleaded guilty to fatally shooting her husband after many failed attempts at disposing of his body.

Then, a mentally ill addict with cancer who stabbed her friend to death.

First, a self-destructive single mother who fatally stabbed a teen she befriended while staying at a mental health facility.

The About tab of the website allows you to read testimonials and an explanation of how the website works.

Going to the Meet The Pen Pals page will show you the list of prison pen pals.

A woman was convicted of robbing and murdering her elderly friend along with her son and his two friends as accomplices.

A bipolar teen who pleaded guilty to the carjacking, kidnapping, and murder of a religious family with five of her friends aged 14-20.

They shouldn’t have to pay to communicate with people, especially when this could be the only form of therapy they get.

Upon registration, you’ll be directed to a welcome page providing information on what you should do.

A woman who strangled a man she just met at a swinger's club after changing her mind about having sex with him for money.

First, a young "follower" convicted of the murder of her adoptive grandmother along with the boy she was obsessed with and a friend.

While the Inmate Application tab is where inmates can apply to be a part of the community.