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Accessing internet is charged £1.50 (including VAT) per Mb in EU countries and £7.50 (including VAT) per Mb in rest of the world.

To see the list of our eligible EU countries click here.

When switched on it makes its own connection and then provides a normal wireless router (wpa) service: so I used wicd to connect using the essid and password that comes with the sim.

For a while I had some problems with 64GB SD card, but later installed a 32GB faster SD card and that has worked perfectly.This has made my T-mobile, and Three mifi devices redundant, because it works well on 3G 4G connections and can act as a wifi hot spot.Blocking google mail, which so many people use now, is stupid and arbitrary (especially when they have the information that I am over 70). After they removed the block I could access google mail when running the t-mobile software on windows, but not when using linux. In response I got this: I'm pleased to hear that you're happy with the help we gave you.The web site says you can remove the block interactively, but that works only for phone users not mobile broadband users. We appreciate hearing comments like these and will keep working hard to continue this high level of service.when travelling, I find the £1.00(GBP) PAYG Data Packs quite convenient: each lasts for 7 days and allows up to 100MB data and plus some minutes of phone calls and several texts -- and I hardly ever need it as a phone.

A heavy user of phone, text and mobile wifi might find a more economical solution.If bought in shop you need a debit card for credit check. If you try to connect in France, Germany and some other countries you have to run a browser and will get pre-pay options for various time-periods.If you are a 'Pay As You Go (PAYG) customer the cost of the chosen optoin is deducted from your current balance.This mostly gives me better value than the Three Mifi device, as the minimum PAYG purchase from Three lasts only one day and costs a lot more, though it does include more data, which I don't normally need within a day.NEWS : Three Huawei E586 Mifi device Partly because tmobile mobile broadband does not support Skype, I started enquiring about alternatives, and ended up, after much consultation and dither, with the Three Mifi device.Since all of that is operating system independent it works out of the box on linux. Upstairs in my house download speeds were slightly better than tmobile, but very variable -- between about 6 kb/s (mostly at the lower end), upload speeds faster: consistently between 10 kb/s.