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Odds are, a lot of people in the dating pool have a painful story to tell about how they got there in the first place, and most don’t like to be reminded of it as they’re trying to start over.

The old adage about the fish in the sea has never been truer.There’s a balance to master between being too wooden and tight-lipped and burdening your date with more than they bargained for.Just because we’re living in a different age, it makes small and thoughtful gestures stand out all the more.Picking up your date on the first date might be a bit much, but accompanying them to the car or station on the way back could be a good idea.Don’t be afraid to flirt once you’ve established some rapport, so long as you don’t send people untoward and unsolicited messages.

One of the hardest things about dating is getting over the initial awkwardness of it all and establishing physical contact.Get them talking and make them feel at ease with you.Your friends can be of tremendous help in treading the romantic waters, whether these are friends who were in the same boat as you, or ones who know someone else who might be looking for a date.Try to keep the amount of time you spend talking on par with the time you’re listening to your date.Take an active interest in your date without being too intrusive.If you feel like the date is going well, don’t be afraid to try and touch hands.