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Physics, Philosophy, and Theology: A Common Quest for Understanding.

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"After the Messiah: The Nurbakhshiyya in Late Timurid and Early Safavid Times." In Society and Culture in the Early Modern Middle East: Studies on Iran in the Safavid Period , edited by Andrew J.

"Differences in Self-Effacing Behavior Between European Americans and Japanese Americans: Effect on Competence Evaluations." Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology, 1999, 30: 159-177.

The Organist as Scholar: Essays in Memory of Russell Saunders.

"[L'Orgue Mystique by Charles Tournemire: A recording of the first American performance of the complete cycle, vol.

Breaking the Cycle: Gender, Literacy, and Learning.

"Looking through Critical Lenses: Teaching Literary Theory to Secondary Students." In: S.A woman walks up and stands next to a man, looking at him she crosses her arms -- he nods and smiles, looking straight ahead.Close-up of a woman stretching her neck examining and evaluating something that she is looking at -- lips shut tightly, she looks with her eyes to her right.Shot from behind the driver's seat down a road following a truck.Aerial shot of a large car partially wedged in a parallel parking space and driving away, the Renalt parallel parking between the parked autos.chapter recital); University of California, Berkeley; Pomona College; Neofantasy by Karl Kohn, Carleton Contemporary Ensemble, Carleton College, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN; "Sixty Years of French Liturgical Organ Music by Women Composers, c.