Xbox repair status not updating

Then go back to Fort Tarsis and talk to Prospero before you go to Forge.Users report Anthem crashing on the PS4 with ERROR (CE-36329-3) and others report crashes on PS4.Keep in mind that sometimes a game needs a little space on your internal drive, even if you are installing it to an external drive.

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This guide will show you how to fix Anthem problems on PC, Xbox One and PS4.This addresses Anthem problems and errors that you may run into including issues with Anthem updates and patches.If you have, we’ll be reaching out to gather info; if not, please reply to this thread on AHQ” In the thread users are reporting on the crash and any steps they took to get back into their PS4 again.One report says the PS4 shows ERROR (CE-36329-3) when the game crashes.On Xbox One or PS4, if your download is slow you can try pausing the download and then restarting it.

This can often get a better connection and speed things up.

On Origin for PC reports that Anthem caused a writer’s PC to crash and it broke the power supply.

A common issue that EA is aware of is that your Javelin can get stuck when you are out in the world.

Reports are coming in of Anthem bricking PS4 consoles with the latest update in March.

If you own Anthem and play on PS4, you may want to avoid playing until you know more.

Are you trying to download the Anthem EA Access early trial?