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To some point this definition is restrictive in the sense that, it states “any violation of criminal law”, assuming the crime is new in nature, will it be excluded from criminal proceeding due to lack of provisions addressing the same.

Computer as target crimes are usually not engaged in for the purpose of financial gain (Edward, 2002).

However, in some peculiar occasion, the crimes against the computer will advance to pecuniary interest, but in most instance, it is always for causing disorder within the networks, websites et al.

Most scholars have defined the term cybercrime using different terms, and there is no specific diction utilized to define the term cybercrime.

A reason for this is that, as days go by, the cybercrimes keep on advancing.

Due to legal matters, cybercrimes might be given wide definitions, thus making the laws in place have a long-arm.

Cybercrimes is a range of crimes that are committed by use of electronic gadget, networks or against the electronic gadgets and it’s data, information and/or information technology or by utilizing the networks and/or the electronic gadgets in a manner that defeats its reasonable use.

some authors have argued that these crimes are not special crimes, rather they are normal crimes “Traditional Crimes” performed on a different platform.

As much as the crimes are regarded as traditional crimes, the complexity of how they are committed need expertise in the relevant field so as to convict criminals as per the relevant laws in place.

Clinging on the terms offered by author, a computer is targeted for various reasons.

This will amount to destabilizing of the computer; the degree of destabilizing is not relevant.

Thus in the American legal system, under murder one will find: first degree, second degree, and felony murder.