Your beauty is intimidating

The pressure they feel grows greater the closer they are to you which could cause them to start acting a little nervous.

Remember it's not your fault that nice guys are intimidated by you.

It's not your fault that your attractiveness tends to lead the wrong guy to you all too often.

ave you ever wondered why it can be SO hard to find a nice guy?

Well I can say unless you're looking in all the wrong places, doing and saying all the wrong stuff, or your standards are stuck on type one guys AND you're a bad judge of character... It's not your fault because it's a fact that most nice guys are just way too intimidated by beautiful women.

You're not scaring them away - they're already scared.

I'd like to say I'm no longer a nice guy but that's not entirely the truth, I merely changed my mindset to form something better and more exciting (to me and women) and it's what I teach guys over at Dia Lte G TM.

In slight defense of them - being one of them their views are not all unfounded: And NO - I'm not playing the blame game, that is their subjective images based on a limited belief system that stops them from moving forward and objectifying their lives.

In other words how can you tell if he's feeling intimidated by you?

This tells me you have very little problems physically attracting lots of men BUT you probably have not had much luck attracting a nice or "good" guy.

You're also very tired of having qualify men so you can know quickly if he's only into your looks or body and not interested in something more long-term or substantial.

You're not scaring the good guys away - they're already scared.