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Dating tips, hooking up advice and how to kiss are just a few of their playlists. Social Clout: 34,240 Twitter followers; 14,275 Facebook likes You Tube Channel: youtube.com/The Wing Girls Twitter Handle: @thewinggirls Bragging Rights: the on-camera dating and life coach to Tristan Couveras An expert with relationships, Battista keeps her vlog well-stocked with the tips and scripts you need to date with dignity.

Her segment “The Dating Den” shows women what men think and do when they’re interested, and she also creates videos to offer advice and answer questions.

As a woman, she provides men with the knowledge they need to attract, date and get any girl they want.

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But at the same time, factors like a growing gender imbalance, the one-child policy and an influx of foreigners are shaking up the dating scene, for better and worse.

For today’s podcast, we’ve invited two young guests to the Popup Chinese Studios who are all too familiar with romance in China.

She puts her bachelor’s in psychology to good use in analyzing the differences between guys and girls and how we can use those differences to our advantage.

She’ll also teach you how to trick people into thinking you’re good looking – a useful tip for when you want to meet a new person!

Yue Xu is a TV host, dating coach and founder of the dating blog Singlefied; and Shandong-native Mia Ling was a producer behind Sexy Beijing TV.

Have a question you’d like to hear discussed in a future episode?

Attitudes toward dating and sex in China have undergone a profound evolution over the past generation. Links Mia Ling – What Chinese Girls Want–A Certified Wanker Test China Smack – Chinese Border Residents Use Rice to Buy North Korean Wives PS – Big thanks to the talented Kiks Chua for China Hang-up’s new logo.

Once a strict taboo, casual relationships are now common and the Chinese airwaves are flooded with Western-style dating shows.

Through wisdom and humor, they’ll teach you how to win the love of your life (or at least how to spend your time better on the Internet).

Bragging Rights: more than 200 videos Jenna Marbles, as she is often called, makes You Tube videos for a living.

Their vlog consists of them answering your questions, using pickup lines to get phone numbers and interviewing women to show their perspective on things.