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Its Instagram account has more than 400,000 followers. The casual observer might attribute astrology’s surging popularity to the stereotype of the narcissistic millennial.

Banu Guler, the chief executive and co-founder of Co-Star, said not every investor she pitched was enthusiastic about her company and that some dismissed its practice area as pseudoscience. scans of people while using the app to learn about how people are reacting to it. Of course the selfie-loving nanoinfluencer generation is eager to hear that they’re unique and special, no matter how woo-woo it seems. But that explanation ignores what many in the astro-verse consider the major turning point for Big Zodiac: The election of Donald Trump.

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She views astrology as a form of collective wellness, with Co-Star helping people relate to each other based on star signs. Trump raised people’s doubts about certain scientifically proven systems, Ms. “People became so much more receptive to the idea of there being different ways of seeing the world,” she said.

Another big difference between astrology and meditation’s practitioners: Astrologers are not allergic to making money. They turned to astrology “in order to create some sense of structure and hope and stability in their lives.”President Trump’s election inspired Ms.

Armed with purported knowledge of your peers’ personalities, conversations can skip over the polite get-to-know-you small talk and dive right into the ancestral trauma.

In that way it doesn’t even matter that the science is actually fake.“We’re not trying to be some sort of spiritual Alexa, where we’re using AI to replace someone,” he said.“If you think about the practice, it’s really emotional.”The apps create a shortcut to intimacy.The role social media played in the election — and how “it is changing how we operate as humans in the world” was a part of her concern, Ms. Investors see other trends feeding into astrology’s resurgence, Ms. People are seeking smaller, specialized communities online, while participation in organized religion is declining.Millennials (and the rest of us) are lonely and want community, no matter how many followers we have on social media.You don’t need to talk about ancestral trauma.”Ross Clark, Sanctuary’s chief executive, co-founder and a Leo, estimates that there are 100,000 self-employed astrologers in the country. Kelly and the Sanctuary team has helped vet and train on the company’s reading system.